Programme de coopération transfrontalière

avec le soutien du Fonds Européen de Développement Régional


The fields of intervention 

Four fields of cooperation have been identified in the cooperation programme for 2014-2020. The table below summarizes these themes classifying them by priorities and programme objectives.



Priority 1: improving and supporting cross-border cooperation in research and innovation 

Programme objective 1: Increase of research and innovation in the cross-border region in strategic sectors and sectors with strong complementarity.

Programme objective 2: Increase of transfer and dissemination of good and innovative practices in strategic sectors and in sectors with strong complementarity in the cross-border area.


Priority 2: improving the competitiveness of SME’s in the cross-border region

Programme objective 3: To create, promote and mutualise the joint development and support devices for SMEs to access new markets.


Priority 3 : Protect and value the environment with an integrated cross-border ressources management

Programme objective 4: To promote and develop creatively, innovatively and sustainably cross-border heritage through tourism.

Programme objective 5: To develop the integrated and sustainable management of natural resources and cross-border ecosystems.

Programme objective 6: To anticipate and manage natural, technological risks and emergencies.


Priority 4 : promoting cohesion and mutual identity of the cross-border territories

Programme objective 7: To strengthen and sustain the networking and the cross-border supply of services on health issues to the population.

Programme objective 8: To strengthen and sustain the networking and the cross-border supply of services to population on social matters

Programme objective 9: To promote employment and cross-border mobility of workers and their integration to labor markets.